Is there a color changing organism that is by default translucent or otherwise “colorless”?

Is there a color changing organism that is by default translucent or otherwise “colorless”?

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To illustrate a point I am trying to make in a paper I am writing it would be helpful to have an example of an organism that by default has "no color" but which can adopt the color of something in its environment (e.g., through some chameleon-like color changing ability or something like the food-derived pigments that give flamingos their pink color). I could just make up such an organism for illustrative purposes, but it would be nice if there were a non-contrived example.

By "no color"/"colorless" I'm thinking of something like translucency/transparency, but I can be flexible about the exact meaning so long as it can plausibly be construed as involving a lack of color.

Is there an animal that by default is colorless/transparent/translucent but which has the ability to take on colors present in its environment?


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