Pregnancy Books

Bibliographic indication for the study of pregnancy

Bibliography (indication of books on pregnancy):

Gestation - A Toast To Life

Author: Fernandes, Plácida S.

Publisher: Icone

High risk pregnancy

Author: Queenan, John T.

Publisher: Artmed

Pregnancy - Importance of pre and postpartum physical activity

Author: Guerra, Ana Kathia Cruz

Publisher: Barauna

The being in pregnancy

Author: Bourguet, Vicent

Publisher: Loyola

Life - Agestation and the Baby

Author: RBS

Publisher: Zero Hora

Cultural care for women in pregnancy

Author: Baruffi, Lenir Maria

Publisher: UPF Publisher

Pregnant and beautiful - a practical health and beauty guide for pregnant women

Author: Sallet, Carlo G.

Publisher: Ediouro

To be pregnant

Author: Carvalho, Geraldo M.

Publisher: São Camilo