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Bibliography (science books nomination):

Teaching and the Biological Sciences - the need for sitology in schools: a case study

Author: Pessanha, Riva Teixeira

Publisher: Edgard Bluncher

Science teaching

Author: Angotti, José Andre

Publisher: Cortez

History of Sciences

Author: Text & Spelling

Publisher: Text & Spelling

The construction of science

Author: Fourez, Gerard

Publisher: Unesp

Science teaching

Author: Foreman, Julie

Publisher: Artmed

The Queen of Sciences - A Historical Tour

Author: Garbi, Gilberto G.

Publisher: Physics Bookstore

Current Issues in Science Teaching

Author: Nardi, Roberto

Publisher: Scripture

Science learning and teaching

Author: Crespo, Miguel A.

Publisher: Artmed

Science - Naughty Issues

Author: Japiassu, Hilton

Publisher: Ideia & Letras

Study of History and Philosophy of Sciences

Author: Silva, Cibelle C.

Publisher: Physics Bookstore

Science and Citizenship Teaching

Author: Krasilchik, Myriam

Publisher: Moderna

Science research methodology

Author: Baptista, Makilim Nunes

Publisher: LTC