Orchid Books

Bibliographic indication for the study on Orchids

Indication of books on orchids (bibliography)

Orchids - Practical Guide

Author: Kingsley, Rebeca

Publisher: Nobel

Brazilian Orchids - Species and Hybrids

Author: Araujo, Sergio; Araujo, Delfina's

Publisher: Queen Books

Lexicon of Orchids

Author: Dinalivro Editions

Publisher: Dinalivro

Chapada Diamantina Orchids

Author: Brito, Toscano V. L. A .; Cribb, Phillip

Publisher: New Frontier

Illustrated Encyclopedia - 2200 Plants and Flowers - Orchids and Bromeliads

Author: Ramahn, Valério

Publisher: Europa Publisher

Natural Heritage History of Espírito Santo - Orchids - Documentary Book

Author: Machado, Érico de Freitas

Publisher: Historical Documenta


Author: Blume, Jardineira

Publisher: Blume

Orchids - Photos by Lindas Burges

Author: Rittershausen, Brian

Publisher: Blume

Orchids - The Genus Oncidum of Paraná

Author: Vieira, Ana Odete Santos; Ferrarezi, Eduardo

Publisher: Eduel

Orchids - Pests and Diseases

Author: Campos, Darly Machado de

Publisher: Exped

Brazilian Amazon Orchids

Author: Miranda, Francisco

Publisher: Exped

Orchids & Bromeliads - Practical Cultivation Manual

Author: Englert, Sergio Inacio

Publisher: Farming