Bacteriology Books

Bibliographic indication for the study of Bacteriology

Indication of Bacteriology Books (Bibliography):

Bacteriology Manual

Author: Queiroz, Alexandre C.

Publisher: Giz Editorial

Bacteriology and Mycology

Author: Neufeld, Paulo Murillo

Publisher: Revinter

General Bacteriology

Author: Bastos, Maria do Carmo F.

Publisher: Gunabara

Bacteriology - an illustrated text

Author: Silva, Carlos Henrique P.

Publisher: Events

Clinical Bacteriology

Author: Struthers

Publisher: Masson

Fundamentals of Bacteriology and Veterinary Mycology

Author: Carter, Gene R.

Publisher: Roca

Bacteriology, Mycology and Clinical Parasitology

Author: Spicer

Publisher: Guanabara

Indication of Bacteriology Books (Bibliography):

Clinical Bacteriology

Author: Martins, Andreza Francisco

Publisher: Sulina

Laboratory Procedures in Clinical Bacteriology

Author: WHO - World Health Organization

Publisher: Santos Publisher