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Mouth: the food gateway

What is Boca

The mouth is a hole present in most animals. It is through her that these animals eat food and make sounds to communicate. Some species of protozoa, such as amoebae, eat food by wrapping it inside the mouth. Other microorganisms have several well-defined holes in which they place food with the help of eyelash currents.

Mouth Structure

The structure of the mouth becomes more complex as the animal's digestive system develops. In invertebrates, for example, digestion is not oral, as the mouth is not a very specialized organ, presenting only as a small opening. In vertebrate animals, the mouth is characterized by the presence of lips, which border the entrance, the teeth (the human being has 32) and the tongue (has taste buds to identify the flavors).

Human mouth

In the case of humans, the mouth is made up of two parts: the oral cavity (located between the lips, cheeks and the front of the teeth) and the oral cavity (located between the inside of the teeth and the pharynx). The parotid salivary glands form part of the oral cavity and the other salivary glands are located in the oral cavity. These glands produce saliva in the mouth. The palate of the oral cavity is of bone, rigid in the frontal and fibrous region and softer in the posterior region. The palate, also known as the "roof of the mouth" ends behind the pharynx in various loose and membranous folds.


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