D vitamin

Cod liver oil: important source of vitamin D

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Vitamin D, also known as Calciferol, is a fat-soluble vitamin (lipid solubility). It is obtained by eating some foods and also by transforming cholesterol by solar radiation.

Functions of vitamin D in the human body:

- Maintain phosphorus and calcium concentrations in the blood;

- Regulate bone metabolism and fixes calcium on bones and teeth;

- In children is fundamental for bone growth.

Health problems caused by Vitamin D deficiency:

- Rickets (in children): disease caused by a lack of vitamin D in the body. This disease is characterized by weak and soft bones, teething defects, retarded physical growth and poor absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

- Osteomalacia (in adults): weak and soft bones.

Main sources (foods rich in this vitamin):

- Milk and dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, butter, milk drinks, etc.);

- Cod liver oil;

- Egg yolk;

- Meat of some fish species (mackerel, herring and salmon, sardines and tuna);

- Cow liver.