Echinoderm Examples

Starfish: one of the best known echinoderms


The echinoderms are marine animals. Most species have free life and radial symmetry.

Best known examples of Echinoderms:

Asteroid Class

- Starfish. There are over 1500 species that inhabit all oceans of the planet.

Ophiuroidea class

- Ofiúros. There are more than 1,200 species inhabiting all oceans. Most of the jellyfish live below 500 meters.

- Snake stars or basket stars. Present in all marine habitats.

Echinoid Class

- Sea urchins,

- Hearts of the sea

- Sea Crackers

Holothuroidea Class

- Sea cucumbers. There are about 900 species

Crinoid Class

- Sea lilies. About 600 species have already been cataloged. They live at great depths and on coral reefs.