Geneticist: An important professional in today's world

What it is / what it does

The geneticist is a professional who works in the field of genetics, mainly focused on scientific research. Before going into the field of genetics, anyone interested in being a geneticist should take an undergraduate degree in biology or medicine.

The geneticist does studies and research involving human, animal and plant genes. He works in the field of genetic modification (mainly animal and plant), research of genetic diseases and development of medicines and medical techniques. Its activities are closely related to the development of biotechnology and the advancement of new technologies in the areas of health, human reproduction and the development of genetically modified foods.

Geneticist's main professional areas:

The geneticist has a very wide field of action. The main fields of work are: Universities, Medicine Industries, Genetic Examination Laboratories and Farming Companies.

Key knowledge and skills required:

- Interest in research;

- Deep knowledge of Genetics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Biomedicine;

- Mastery of techniques used in the area;

- Easy to work in team.

How much you earn - average salary

The salary of an early career geneticist ranges from $ 11,000 to $ 17,000 (base year 2019). A good geneticist with over 5 years of professional experience earns over $ 20,000 a month.