In details

Protozoan Filos

Giardia Lamblia: protozoan example of the Plasmodroma Phylum

Definition (what they are)

Protozoa are unicellular microorganisms (living things) formed by only one cell and eukaryotic. Protozoa are part of the Protist Kingdom.

Protozoan Filos:

- Phylum Amoebozoa

- Filo Cercozoa

- Philo Choanozoa

- Philo Ciliophora

- Philo Euglenozoa

- Philo Loukozoa

- Metamonate Phylum

- Microsporidia Phylum

- Mycetozoa Phylum

- Filo Percolozoa

- Plasmodroma Phylum

- Sarcomastigophora Phylum

- Philo Sulcozoa

Examples of protozoa and phyla that belong:

- Amoebas, also known as amoebas, are part of the Amoebozoa Phylum.

- A giardia lamblia, which causes giardiasis, is a protist that belongs to the phylum Plasmodroma.

- O Balantidium coli is a ciliated protozoan, which causes an intestinal infection known as balantidiosis, belongs to the Ciliophora Phylum.

- A Euglena sp is a flagellated protozoan that belongs to the Euglenozoa Phylum.