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Bibliography (indication of books on Flowers):


Author: Dulevant, Stefano

Publisher: Lisma

The Golden Book of Flowers

Author: Soares, CeciliaB. L. V

Publisher: Ediouro - Synergy

Food Flowers

Author: Silva, Silvestre

Publisher: Arts Company

Cerrado Flowers and Fruits

Author: Oliveira, Rafael S.

Publisher: Imesp

Flowers and bees in Sao Paulo

Author: Laurino, Marilda C.

Publisher: Edusp

All Green - Illustrated Guide to Plants and Flowers

Author: Bianchini, Francesco

Publisher: Improvements - JC

Plants and Flowers for indoors

Author: miscellaneous authors

Publisher: Book Circle

Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

Author: Abril Cultural

Publisher: Abril Cultural

Flowers - the most beautiful arrangements for home, parties and weddings

Author: Welford, Mark

Publisher: Publifolha

Amazon Rainforest Flowers

Author: Mee, Margaret

Publisher: Scripture