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Plasma membrane

Plasma Membrane Surrounding Organelles What it is and functions Simply put, we can define the plasma membrane as a cell envelope. This envelope will be responsible for the shape of the cell and the substances entering and leaving it. Composition and other characteristics Its chemical composition is lipoprotein (fat + protein), but it is not homogeneous.
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Information Evolutionary History of Prokaryotes - Biology

Learning ObjectivesDescribe the evolutionary history of prokaryotesProkaryotes are ubiquitous. They cover every imaginable surface where there is sufficient moisture, and they live on and inside of other living things. In the typical human body, prokaryotic cells outnumber human body cells by about ten to one.
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Re-Plumping Dried Insects

I have begun to display some of my soft bodied insects and as I am trying to rehydrate some of them that were plump in the abdomen, they appear to have shrunk and the bodies have sunk into themselv…
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